International Business Company – RAK Offshore

Awarded the coveted “Best Emerging Free Zone” designation for the second consecutive year, Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAKFTZ) is now a well-respected business center, and incorporation here is coveted worldwide. More than 4,400 companies from 106 countries around the globe have made Ras Al Khaimah home either by opening a physical branch, or through the incorporation of a RAK Offshore Company.

Of all the Free Trade Zones that were made possible thanks to the 1996 Free Trade Agreement that opened the doors wide to foreign investors, Ras Al Khaimah remains one of the most attractive destinations due to the cost-effective, customer-friendly and absolutely trouble-free attitude toward foreign investors. Of course there are also the two main benefits the Free Trade Agreement offers to those who incorporate in the UAE from outside their borders. Up to 100% foreign ownership and up to 100% tax-free status are the two magnificent characteristics that a RAK Offshore Company designation can give you.

This powerful and advantageous type of corporate formation allows the foreign investor to access the cache and respectability that an International Business Company incorporation offers, without having the commitment of a physical presence in the area. The reasons for wanting such a classification are many. By formation and not design, the RAK Offshore Company is a tax free entity. There is no corporate tax, no death tax, no personal tax and no capital gains tax structure. Obviously, this creates a huge bonus to your business’ bottom line, and that is why this designation is sought the world over. In fact there is almost zero corruption and crime, in the whole of Dubai is very much frowned upon. make sure you find out the laws here before you go though, often innocent cultural differences can be quite offensive and as always the old saying “When in Rome do as the Romans do” counts as much here as it does anywhere else.

However, because of the cultural, linguistic and business differences that exist there, attempting to incorporate without the assistance of a company that has handled RAK Offshore Company filings successfully for years would be a nightmare, and could cause total exclusion in the worst case. That is why working with a UAE Free Trade Zone specialist who uses local business professionals in Ras Al Khaimah and the other emirates is vital to a smooth, speedy, successful corporate filing. So call your UAE Business Corporation specialist today, and enjoy the beneficial status of a RAK Offshore Company designation as soon as you can.

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