Internet Home Based Business – Marketing Yourself on the Web

The phenomenon of the Internet has become a part of our daily lives, so it seems natural to build and internet home based business where you can work from home via the online community. In fact, many organizations are now doing business almost exclusively online. However, in order to build your internet home based business you need to market your products and services.

If you have a start-up internet home based business, you are probably working on a limited budget. Fortunately there are a number of resources available to you to market your internet home based business to the online community. One inexpensive option is to use a pay-per-click marketing program to advertise your internet home based business online. Many large search engines like Google and Yahoo! offer programs where you can advertise your business and only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. The cost of each click varies, ten cents and upward, based on the popularity of the keywords you register.

Another inexpensive technique to advertise your internet home based business is to share advertising with other websites. If you know of websites that your consumers may frequent, you can discuss swapping advertising on each other’s sites. You can also write articles about your internet home based business products or services to be used in other people’s e-zines which offers you free advertising on the web.

Offering a newsletter or freebie is a great way to advertise your internet home based business for little time and effort. Having people sign up on your website for a free newsletter courtesy of your internet home based business is a great marketing technique. A newsletter allows your potential consumers know what you have to offer and how it can help them in their endeavors. If you do not have time to create a whole newsletter, then maybe start an e-mail list for simple tips or coupons.

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Successful Home Based Businesses

A home based business can be likened to the operation of a traditional business operation, to be a success, the owner or manager must exercise prudence, dedication, perseverance and discipline in overseeing its day-to-day operations. In addition, the home based business owner is literally hands-on, as the success or failure of the business lies on his hands.

If you want to have a successful home based business, you must keep in mind the following: First, follow a schedule for your day to day operations. Although the idea in establishing a home based business is to be free from the organizational structure of a traditional office, you may find the need to set an accomplishment task for the day. In doing so, you will have an idea how much time you spend doing the actual work and what you have managed to achieve during the day. There are many temptations if you decide to work at home and you should be able to set a limit for the time spent doing household chores. Time management is crucial for a successful home based business.

Second, develop a system that works for you. There may be times that you need to go out and meet a client. It is better if you have an organizer so that you can keep track of what needs to be done even outside your home. Though a computer at home is advisable so that it will serve as your main database, keeping a handy, high-tech gadget with you wherever you may be is better.

Third, keep track of your target market. Establishing a reliable network of clients is one thing, maintaining them in order that they may multiply is another. To be successful, a home based business owner must forever be on the lookout for potential clients as well as keeping those already in his portfolio. Marketing your product or service as well as yourself is essential to your business? success.

A successful home based business requires a mixture of the above-enumerated factors.

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Online Home Based Businesses

With most transactions being done through the aid of the computer and the Internet, home based businesses conducted online have gained immense popularity over the years. Opportunities abound in the Internet and many people try their luck in engaging in one or more business ventures. However, not all players who have online home based businesses have met with success, as the probability of failure is equally comparable.

If you are interested in engaging in an online home based business, then you must remember that establishing one requires hard work on your part. Bear in mind that this is all about you, your product or service, your time schedule, how you execute your marketing program, creating and keeping your network of clients and prospective clients, and in the end, generating income for your business.

In setting up your online home based business, you need to have a start up capital, the amount will depend on what business you want to go into. Your capital should take care of your overhead costs like electricity use, Internet connection, and other equipment, like a new computer, that you might need in starting your online home based business. If you want to sell products online, then your funds will be used to build up your inventory of items to be sold.

In choosing what online home based business you want to establish, there are a lot of alternatives to choose from. If you want to sell your services, then there are businesses involving copy writing, web site building, web content writing, acting as consultant for research or marketing projects, or financial consultancy. If you prefer to sell products, your web site can serve as a store showcasing your own handicrafts or goodies/treats or you can act as middleman and sell other people?s products. Selling second hand products like clothes or books is another option and you can do this through setting up auctions or bids online.

Having an online home based business can be profitable if you just know how to properly manage it.

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Between Jobs? Underemployed? A Home Based Business Could Be What You Need

You are not alone if you are currently between jobs or working at a job that just isn’t bringing in the money that you need to really live, rather than just exist. As the saying goes; “I’ve been there and done that.” No fun… and it shouldn’t be.

Do you go to bed wondering; when are things going to change? “When am I going to see the “light” at the end of the tunnel?” “What am I going to do?”

Being between jobs is a job with lots of over-time. You have to spend every waking minute thinking, planning, and pursuing your next job. The “shotgun” approach really isn’t the smartest way to go. By that, I mean, going out there and willing to take just anything. Employers can sense that.

If you were an employer and you had a pile of application forms sitting on your desk, would you be more interested in meeting with and interviewing someone who seems focused on what they want, or somebody who seems desperate?

If you’re going to look for work, spend your time and energy on job openings that you have an interest in and really could see yourself digging in and spending a decade or two with the company. It’s even better if you decide which kind of work you would like to be doing and only approach companies in that field.

Here’s a tip; if you’re in the interview and the interviewer gives you one of those; “I’m sorry, but there are other candidates for the position that seem more suited and experienced,” ask, “Who do you know that could use my skills, aptitude, and positive attitude in this industry?” Do not ask, “Do you know someone who could…”

The first is an open-ended question where they will have to give you some sort of an answer. The second question can just be swatted away with a “NO.”

You can’t sleep until noon and stay up all night watching TV. Every waking moment, and I’m talking about 14 to 16 hours a day pounding the pavement, knocking on doors, and getting a little rejection thrown in your face. So many people just send a resume’ out in response to a classified advertisement and then sit back and wait. That’s a waste of time. Let the people that you are competing with wait for the phone to ring; YOU have to MAKE the phone ring, or your ears ring with a loud “YES, we can use you” from an employer you approached.

As far as underemployed goes; I revert back to a saying that I truly believe in and follow to this day; You can sell your time, but you can’t buy it back. You have to get top dollar for everything that you do.

Remember, you’re not paid for the week, or the hour. You are paid for what YOU put into every hour of that week. If you want more money for your labor or brain power, you have to offer more to your employer.

Asking for a raise… is really nonsense. Making yourself more valuable with new skills, management techniques, and communication abilities will be quicker to be rewarded. The days of working for 30 or 40 years for a company and then retiring are past. You have to take care of you (and your family and loved ones).

If you feel you are underemployed, or under appreciated… do a little probing. Talk to the competition, find out if there’s a greener pasture that you should be grazing (working) in.

Another approach, and it’s the basis for this article, is beginning a home based business. Kitchen tables are magical. The successful clothing company ESPIRIT was started by two women on a kitchen table. Two women that knew they wanted to start a business and just sat down (at the kitchen table) and began tossing some ideas around.

Some pointers on a home based business; Really do some “soul searching” and by that I mean, really think about what kind of business you would like to have. Don’t be afraid of the unknown.

You may want to start your own import business, but you know nothing about importing. There are plenty of sources to help you understand it. I began manufacturing items in Asia and importing them to the United States, because it’s something that I just wanted to do… and I began, and I still do it.

Decide if you want a tangible or intangible business. In other words, do you want to make your garage a warehouse and fill it up with stuff and then sell that stuff, or do you want an intangible item or items. Things like an eBook, tutoring, and down loadable software would be examples of intangible items.

Working from home can be great (I’ll warn you that the refrigerator calls often), but working from home can have its limitations, especially if you are raising a growing family. Sometimes concentration is a little tricky, but since you work from home, you can get all the peace and quiet you need after every one has gone off to bed.

Your hours are your own and you can tailor them to your lifestyle. Work a few hours in the morning and then take a break and go to the market. Work a few hours more and tend to the children after school.

Rather than watching useless television, surf the web for new products, product ideas, or information that will help you be more successful.

Just because you begin a home based business, does not mean you can sit around and do nothing. Since you don’t have a commute of anymore than about 3 minutes from your bedroom to the kitchen table, you still have to go to work. But, without the stress of driving on a congested highway and being cut off by some knucklehead. Less stress translates to more productive time on your business.

The absolute greatest thing about a home based business is that you can begin right now, immediately, with a pad of paper and a pencil. Just start writing down things that you can offer from home. (Hint; the internet offers so many possibilities)

See how easy it is to begin. What are you spending your time on right now? If your response is, “looking for a job.” You’ve missed my point. Who says that you only have to do one thing at a time?

Dedicate, and I do mean dedicate, ten hours a day to REALLY looking for a job and another two, three, four hours a day developing your home based business. You’ll never find what you want until you start looking.

In looking for a job, you may come up with an idea for a home based business or vice-versa. It’s easy to begin, but a little harder to keep following through.

Don’t expect to come up with the perfect home based business in thirty seconds; although it could happen. You won’t find it, if you don’t look for it. Wishing doesn’t work, I’ve tried that.

Once you start thinking about a home based business to start, your thoughts will begin to move in that direction. What if? What about? What if I? What if we were to? They all start popping up.

It’s a digital world and trying to make a second income making wooden wagons is a bit laborious. It’s easier to rev up the computer and look for something easy to sell or market to begin with.

If you don’t have a computer don’t worry. Ask a friend, neighbor, or relative for some time on theirs. Computer coffee shops are very common… there’s always the library. More and more libraries have computers for public use.

What I’m saying is; quit putting up obstacles. Tell yourself, better yet, really promise yourself, that you are going to begin a home based business either in conjunction with looking for a new job, or after you come home from your under–paying, appreciated, mundane, useless, boring, and dead end job.

If you are reading this article; you are probably reading it off of a computer screen… some of you might be reading a print out from a friend to help you think about starting a home based business. Which ever the case may be, it all begins with you looking.

It’s, and I can’t emphasize this enough, important that you keep your cards close to your vest. In other words, I wouldn’t announce to the world that you’re going to start a home based business until your home based business is up and running.

People really don’t favor those that are out-shining them… a little thing called jealousy creeps into the equation. You tell someone you’re going to start a home based business and they’ll probably tell you how you can’t do it, it won’t work, and you’re wasting your time… and this is usually before you get a chance to tell them which type of home based business that you are going to start.

Under-achievers always know everything, but it’s funny how they never get anywhere with all that knowledge. Have you ever wondered about that? Protect your goals and ideas like they are the family jewels. If you think about it, they are, because they are what is going to turn your life in a new direction.

It boils down to just a few things; If you go about looking for a job with a lazy, half-trying, waiting for the phone to ring attitude… I hope you like eating tuna fish. If you begin thinking about a home based business to start only five or ten minutes a day, you’re just blowing smoke and wasting your time.

Serious time and effort produces serious results. Once you and everyone around you knows that you are serious, serious and wonderful things will begin to happen for you.

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What Is An Affiliate Program? And How To Use Them

Affiliate programs have been around for years but many people still think these are solely involved with sales. This is only partly true. They are also a great tool to start a business with.

The idea of affiliates is to get people to click on an affiliate link, such as a link to a company, product or service and this is done by the affiliate site by directing the visitor to the advertiser’s pages. If the person who clicks goes on that advertiser’s site and purchases what the advertiser offers, then through your link on that page, you will get paid a commission from the advertiser.

If it was a product, then the advertiser would provide the product such as a CD or DVD. If it was a service, such as an SEO or web design, then a page would provide the services. Either way your role is to get people to go to the advertiser’s site by means of the affiliate link on your site.

The most popular affiliate programs are pay per lead or pay per sale such as Google AdSense or ClickBank which pay a cent for each click through on your site. For example if someone clicks on an ad for a product on your site and they go to the advertiser’s site and purchase, you will get paid a cent which is equivalent to the cost of the product. This means that you need not earn big commissions to be successful.

There are other kinds of programs such as pay per click that pay based on the number of times the link is shown on your site. A link can be one simple click or it can require dozens of clicks over time if it is used in other ways.

Another form of affiliate programs are those that pay for leads such as a request from someone who goes to an affiliate website and enters their name and email. In this case there is no purchase but the person would be asked again in the future. This is a different form of affiliate program because the visitor has not given their personal information. The amount of money the referrer will get will vary by company to case.

Finally there are programs that pay based on sign up. For example a membership site may pay a member each time they sign up. This would be similar to an insurance or credit card affiliate program. It is not a form of affiliate program for these sites as there is no third party involved.

Affiliate programs are a great way to get started in an online business. They also work well overseas. Many large companies use this model. There are even thousands of people making a full time or semi-full time income from promoting affiliate products and programs. Many people have quit their jobs and made their own business from affiliate programs. There is not limit to the amount of websites you can build with affiliate programs.

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QQTOTO 88 Slot Togel Online Terpercaya di Indonesia

Togel Online adalah sebuah permainan yang di mainkan dengan menebak angka yang akan keluar atau nomor pada putaran yang ada di singapore mau pun hongkong. permainan ini sudah sangat terpopular karena permainan ini sangat mudah sekali di mainkan sehinga banyak sekali pengemar togel online. permainan togel online banyak di kenal sebagai lotery atau toto,permainan ini bisa memberikan keuntungan yang sagat besar dalam memainkannya.

Permainan togel online dapat kita mainkan kapan saja atau pun dimana saja, tanpa ada yang mengetahui karena permainan ini di mainkan melalui Hp androit mau pun komputer asalkan mempunyai koneksi internet. permainan togel online sangat mudah dimainkan asal kan kita sudah mendeposit dan mendaftar di situs agen Judi Online Terpercaya kita sudah bisa memainkan nya.

pada saat anda bermain judi online togel, anda akan mendapat potongan harga atau Discoun pada saat anda melakukan taruhan , contoh agen qq toto togel online terpercaya yaitu qqtoto 88slot togel yang memberikan potongan atau discount.

Pada saat anda melakukan bet maka akan terpotong secara otomatis, dan yang paling menariknya lagi jika anda mengajak teman anda untuk bermain maka anda akan mendapatkan bonus Referral dari Agen Judi Online Terpercaya ini.

Mendapatkan kemenangan Dari Agen Togel Online Terpercaya

Pastinya kalian semua ingin sekali mendapatkan kemenangan dari agen judi online terpercaya? Bagi kalian semua yang hobi bermain judi online yang ingin mendapatkan angka akurat maupun prediksi togel anda bisa langsung ke situs qq toto 88slot togel yang memberikan semua prediksi togel dan keluaran togel yang terupdate.

Mendapatkan kemenangan ataupun keuntungan adalah cita-cita setiap para bettor. Tips dan Trik Menang Dalam Permainan Togel Online.

Bermain dengan sabar

Memang cara yang satu ini terdengar sangat sederhana. Namun perlu Anda ingat bahwa hampir dari sebagian para pemain judi atau bettor mengalami kekalahan banyak akibat dari kurangnya rasa untuk bermain dengan sabar. Kebanyakan para pemain terkesan bermain dengan terburu-buru dan mencoba menaruhkan taruhan dengan jumlah besar dengan harapan dapat mengembalikan kekalahan sebelumnya. Akan tetapi keadaan tersebut malah menjerumuskan para bettor ke dalam kekalahan yang lebih besar.

Jenis Taruhan Togel

Seperti yang diketahui, pada permainan togel terdapat banyak jenis permainan yang dapat dipertaruhkan seperti taruhan 2D,3D,4D, colok bebas, colok jitu 2D, dan sebagainya. Namun, kami menyarankan kepada Anda untuk lebih memainkan taruhan Anda pada jenis permainan yang menurut Anda lebih mudah dan memiliki peluang kemenangan yang lebih besar.

Fokus Pada Satu Pasaran Togel

Anda disarankan untuk menaruh fokus pada satu jenis pasaran togel, yang akan Anda mainkan seperti pasaran togel Singapore yang dimana dapat memberikan keuntungan banyak dan dapat dipercaya. Kemudian Anda diharuskan untuk bermain pada pasaran tersebut hingga Anda mendapatkan celah atau gambaran keluaran angka dari pasaran tersebut. Yang kemudian akan menjadi kesempatan bagi Anda untuk mendapatkan lebih banyak jumlah kemenangan dalam permainan togel online.

Demikian lah sedikit informasi yang bisa kami sampaikan kepada kalian semua, semoga artikel di atas bisa bermanfaat dan berguna untuk kalian semua, dan bagi kalian semua yang hobi bermain togel online silakan kunjungi di Situs qqtoto 88slot togel Agen Judi Online Terpercaya saat ini.


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Is SEO Worth It?

For a website to engage in SEO, it means that:

1. The company is considering to fund an internet marketing campaign, but probably unsure of what to do and how to do it;
2. The company has the option to hire a staff to do the SEO work (monthly salaries, health care, taxes, insurance included) or outsource the project to an SEO company who does the work for them, pay them for the services alone, and step out once the project is done.

How to Hire an SEO Specialist or Choose the right SEO Services

Since most projects done for SEO is bound by NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), an SEO specialist or an SEO company should present their own website or blog that they used SEO on and as well as rankings on keywords they had successes with. Usually, employers conduct an exam if the specialist cannot present a portfolio or sample, and sometimes, ask for an initial website analysis for a project and as well as its recommendations to know if a person or a company is skilled to do SEO. It is also best to check on knowledge to basic HTML and CSS before accepting an SEO Specialist applicant as it is required for some SEO actions, at least to a minimum level.

SEO Pricing

If you are to hire a person to do an SEO work for your company website, on top of their salary, you are expected to give medical care insurances, bonuses, etc. On the other hand, SEO companies vary on charges. Mostly it ranges from $200 – $1000 monthly or even higher. Premium SEO Tools are not lesser than $100 per month.
Is it that expensive?


Considering the amount of money companies spend on billboards, TV ads, radio ads, and print advertisements, the money spent on SEO is always lesser than the traditional way of advertising. The brighter side of SEO is that an SEO project has the ability to reach targeted customers and by way of converting them is through optimizing landing pages, images, and optimizing contact forms.

SEO Process

Before starting an SEO Project, specialists work on customer profiles to be able to reach the right targeted traffic and market. Failure to analyze this on the first base will surely lead to lesser conversions which mean lesser number of sales. Once the customer profile is ready, keyword research will follow. Keyword research is a continuous and exhausting process, but it is the key to deriving expectations on SERP (search engine results page) rankings, traffic, and as well as conversions of leads into sales. Keyword research tools are widely available in the market. Google AdWords Keyword Tool is free and can be used in any SEO Project. However, long-tail keyword research needs more than just a Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Other companies offer long-tail keyword research which is great for companies that hopes to target a very specific kind of market.

Is SEO worth it?

Yes, if you hire the person or company with the right skill set and if it is done correctly.

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Why Is It So Important To Hire The Best SEO Experts Online?

Why One Should Hire SEO Company?

In layman’s language SEO is nothing but a set of tools and techniques that are used for making a good website or upgrading the existing one to a better ranking. It has become an integral aspect of one’s business strategy to have an informative, attractive and the most important, a good ranked website in all the search engines. One needs to be very prudent and diplomatic while handling competition in the online market and therefore it is more than a fair deal to hire an SEO company to deal with things like conducting SEO better.


One can enjoy many benefits if they hire professional SEO:

  • A good ranking websites: One can hire an SEO expert and tell them their exact requirements and forget all the worries about having a good website. The company will make sure that your website has secured a good ranking in all the search engines.
  • More viewers: The top ranking websites have the distinction of garnering the top number of viewers and as a result, one is sure to be popular among the users.
  • Value for money: Investing your bucks in hiring the best SEO expert is sure to give you attractive returns.
  • Round-the-clock promotions: With a top ranking website, one will never have to worry about promoting or advertising their business or product.

Best yet cheap SEO Experts:

The one who is running a business on a tight budget yet wants to have the perfect website to build a strong customer base has reasons to cheer up. With the global economic meltdown haunting us, many cheap yet effective SEO companies have been mushrooming here and there. Internet marketing is a useful concept and if one wants to have a strong foothold in this area than it is indispensable to hire an SEO company. The affordable packages and the attractive rates will make sure you have the fair chance to hire best SEO expert, and making judicious use of your hard earned money and hire cheap SEO Company.


It is better to keep in mind few things before reaching on an agreement with an SEO company. Do a bit of research and find out about the reputation of the company as well repute would mean best SEO expert and always be on the lookout for scams and spoof SEO artist who lures you with cheap rates and ends up messing your website. Always hire a professional SEO for your website and business.

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Bad SEO’s? What About Bad SEO Clients?

You hear all the time about bad SEOs. Bad SEOs are offering worthless services, failing to deliver on their internet marketing promises, polluting the search engine results–well, a lot of bad things. But how much ever gets said about bad SEOs’ spiritual counterparts: bad SEO clients?

As an SEO, I can see things from the other side of the table. You see, despite trying hard to make it clear I’m a good, ethical, results-oriented, smarter marketing, white-hat SEO, I have gotten no end of inquiries from bad prospective SEO clients. Sure, no one who gets cheated is ever entirely to blame, and some cheated businesses are entirely blameless. But the bad SEOs would have too small a market to stay in business if it weren’t for almost-as-bad clients.

Shades of Bad SEO Clients

First, let me make clear what I mean by “bad” SEOs. Bad SEOs are bad because they either do unethical things to get e-marketing results, or because they consistently fail to deliver results. A good SEO delivers results and does it without trampling over other people’s rights (like submitting automated comments to their websites or trying to get good sites de-indexed).

A bad SEO client, in turn, is someone who will only be satisfied (albeit temporarily) with a bad SEO. Because they refuse to consider ethical web consultants or smarter marketing strategies, they are creating markets for the e-marketing charlatans and black-hats. There are two basic types of bad SEO clients: crooks and fool–oops, I mean, ethically challenged and judgmentally-challenged.

Ethically-Challenged SEO Clients

I haven’t gotten so many inquiries asking for out-and-out unethical services. Still, I’ve been asked about blog-sp@mming software and other shady internet marketing tactics a couple times. A colleague shared this gem with me: “Have you thought about just scanning a book from the library and using it for web content? Or is that too high-risk?” (Seriously, someone asked him this.)

Of course, judging from the amount of comment sp@m and SEO-motivated hacking on the web, there is plenty of demand for this stuff.

Judgmentally-Challenged SEO Clients

A much larger group of bad SEO clients are simply those who insist on putting themselves in the way of fraud. Yes, that’s right: I’m blaming the victim. Someone who goes looking for a $5 gold watch can’t cry too long if the watch turns out to be fake or hot. With SEO, there are a few more nuances, but it’s the same essential idea.

The overwhelming majority of these judgmentally challenged souls are private individuals whose only business is the business-in-a-kit variety. Yet they are also sometimes representatives of actual successful companies. The real businesspeople tend to be quicker to let their misconceptions go (after all, they can afford the real SEO alternatives), but not always. Let’s look at some representative types of this group, straight out of my own inbox (note: these are inquiries from prospects, not actual clients).

  1. Something-for-(Little More than)-Nothing Clients
  2. Really, I tend to think these people should be in the ethically challenged group, but maybe that’s just the remnant of my work ethic making me be mean There are actually two kinds of these clients:

  • The ambitious but cheap client: “I’d like to get to the top of Google for the keyword, ‘mortgage’ so I can turn over $100,000/month in revenue. I can spend up to $1,000.”
  • The Adsense-is-my-business-plan client: you wouldn’t believe the numbers of inquiries I get from people who only plan to make money off AdSense or other on-site advertising–they don’t even have a plan for getting repeat traffic, nor do they have content to synergize with the SEO effort. By buying promotional services, they would essentially be buying advertising in order to make money off advertising–you see where that could be a problem?

Another way of looking at it: why wouldn’t I just create a site myself and keep all the profit from my efforts? In fact, most SEOs do have their own project sites, which are often monetized by Adsense. The money we could otherwise get from AdSense is one very low baseline for pricing our services. Legitimate SEO clients are typically selling goods or services at a profit rate that works out to ten or more times what they could get from Adsense.

In addition to the greedy, I also see a few other kinds of less common, but still problematic prospective SEO clients:

  • SEO-Starry-Eyed Clients: “Search engine traffic is definitely the best way for me to get pet-sitting clients in my tiny Himalayan village.”
  • The Little-Knowledge-Is-a-Dangerous-Thing Client: “Don’t tell me about keyword research, content, anchor text, or natural linking strategy, just get me the PageRank (or links, keyword density, or whatever the fad is).”
  • Gullible-and-Not-Letting-Go Client: “I know of at least two services that will submit my site to thousands of search engines for $29.95. If you can’t do that, I’ll take my business elsewhere.”
  • I-Will-Never-Trust-SEO-But-I’ll-Consider-It-Anyway Client: “No one can guarantee a good search engine ranking so this is all pointless–I’ll just go with that $29.95 search engine submission package someone just emailed me about. At least it’s cheap.”
  • In short, if you are going to find good SEO web consultants, you need: 1) realistic expectations; 2) a realistic budget; 3) solid information. Don’t expect something for nothing, do a little reading, and it’s much less likely you’ll fall victim to bad SEOs.

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    Human Racing Against the Machine, Or Manual SEO Vs SEO Software

    Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the most mind-blowing race in the history of mankind! Today we are going to witness the bloody battle between a supersonic fireball F1 ‘Ferrari’ and a stripped-engine horseless carriage ‘Ford T-model’.

    Ready, set, go!
    Oh, ‘Ferrari’ is shooting like a rocket, leaving in the dust ‘Ford T’ that can’t even get its engine started. Poor thing. Look at this red devil! It cleaves air streams like a dagger with roaring sound of its powerful engine. Breathtaking… What? Where is that old jalopy? Eh, hardly has it passed the first hundred meters as it’s already got its engine steaming. That’s a lost cause.

    Time for pit stop. Wow, automated process of tire change and computerized engine check are amazing: just after a few seconds the Ferrari is on the track again! It flashes the first circuit, the second one, the third…

    Yeah, ladies and gentlemen we’ve got the winner! Red Devil is on the top again! That was fantastic!
    …and what about our old buddy ‘Ford’? Alas, but it died halfway on the first circuit…

    Getting high ranking in search engines results is like a race. Who comes first snatches a bundle. That is why the choice of the right vehicle to drive your site to the top spot is so vitally important for running business on-line.

    Basically there are two ways to hit top 10 of search engines results: optimizing your site manually or with the help of SEO tools. Consequently there are two clashing camps of folks, who support the former and the latter variants of website optimization.

    There has always been a lot of debate around SEO software and its effectiveness. Some say that a good set of SEO tools is all you need to improve your search rankings and to get a guaranteed number one placement in search results. Others object to that, saying that SEO software is totally useless and manual optimization is the only way to go. Moreover they even put forward the arguments that SEO tools can get your website banned and that buying this software is just draining money down the pipe.

    So where is the truth? It’s somewhere out there. Let’s dig it up.

    There are some irrefutable advantages of SEO software over manual ways of optimization. Nowadays users can find a lot of really great SEO tools that make the complicated process of website optimization a lot easier. SEO software can make your site ride high and your on-line sales skyrocket without great pains and efforts.

    First of all good SEO software is an indispensable assistant in the process of gathering and analyzing the data you need to plan and shape your SEO strategy and tactics. Doing that by hand is quite time-consuming and not always effective. SEO tools are irreplaceable when it comes to collecting and breaking up the data or monitoring the process of site optimization.

    Another great advantage of SEO tools is that they automate wearying repetitive tasks such as link popularity monitoring, rank checking, backlink checking, reporting etc. Doing those monkey-job tasks by hand is like looking for a needle in a bundle of hay and you may end up being totally lost in that flow of data. And if you are doing SEO on a large scale, using purely manual methods of website optimization is no way possible.

    SEO can help users fill their sites with search engine friendly content to look yummy in the eyes of search engines spiders and crawlers.

    Besides advanced SEO tools streamline the process of SEO to a T. They can perform some tasks simultaneously and even run them on autopilot. These features make SEO software extremely user-friendly and contribute to overall effectiveness and success of an SEO process.

    And after all one more convincing argument in favor of SEO software is that even inexperienced users will never run a risk of getting banned, because of black hat optimization. With search-engine-friendly SEO software you will never break the rules and regulations and avoid unethical presentation of content to search engine spiders and the internet users.

    As you can see the process of website optimization is a complex thing, requiring complex approaches. SEO tools enable you to crack it easily. You don’t need any analytical skills or inside-out knowledge of SEO techniques. Smart SEO tools will help you find the best solutions and to pave your way to success.

    So it’s up to you to decide whether to sweat over your site optimization, and spend sleepless nights on doing daunting monotonous tasks manually, or to take advantage of the latest SEO software and focus on your business.

    Just remember: the only thing you gotta do is choose the right racing car which will give you a ride to the top.

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